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Many people talk about the downside of technology - machines taking our jobs and the threat of artificial intelligence. Using our technology, you can address these issues by gradually moving away from DISTRIBUTIVE roles that are being automated away into a potentially more lucrative and rewarding INVENTIVE and PRODUCTIVE roles.

OUR PRODUCTS to help you - full details below

(1) Product assemling 3D printers, Fair Source and our Idea2Market platform
(2) Packaging designed for 2nd use
(3) Mass Producible 3D printed buildings solution


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This MatchMaker portal offers you a great way to join or invest in a team creating a new generation of better-than-current, home 3D printable products.

Please click on the scrolling list to the right to view details of current opportunities - including our own people, resource and finance needs or list your own REQUIREMENTS or OFFERS using the pages accessible via the menu above..


PRODUCT DETAILS - how they can help you and society

(1) Our PRODUCT ASSEMBLING 3D PRINTERS aim to enable the home manuafacture of products that will soon equal or better those available in the shops today by combining currently non printable items (batteries, electronics, motors, display screens) and 3D printed parts. This creates the opportunity for you and others to get ahead by creating a next generation of home 3D printable products before the market gets saturated, establish yourself a global brand, fast track innovation and create a better world.

(2) This COLLABORATIVE PRODUCT LAUNCH PLATFORM is intended to help build the multi-talented teams required to develop products are enhance or better those that are mass produced today.

(3) Our FAIR SOURCE MARK combines the best of open and closed source to support innovators and encourage them to work together for the common good.

(4) Our PACKAGING DESIGNED FOR 2ND USE enables us to reduce the time and cost needed to home produce bigger, more useful products.

(5) Our 3D PRINTED BUILDINGSsolution aim enable mass production to provide more of us with affordable, climate change resiliant homes.

More details can be found on our FAQ page.

To start or join a team creating the next generation of home 3D printable products, just list your requirements, skills or resource offers.